Visconti Gardens

Visconti Gardens

Seasonal, sustainable cooking is a key element of Italian cuisine, and the Visconti Kitchen and Cooking Experience is supported by two biodynamic vegetable and herb gardens. The larger garden is in nearby Stiffe, nestled at the base of the Apennine Mountains and fed with fresh spring water. The smaller garden is conveniently located on the grounds of the restaurant and includes a little fruit orchard of cherries, apples, pears, plums and apricots.

Culinary traditions are kept alive in the Visconti cellars through preservation. Whether it’s a giardiniera of pickled vegetables, passata from fresh summer tomatoes, or specialty jams of fig, hot pepper, and red onion, the bounty of Abruzzo’s agriculture can be enjoyed year round. In addition, traditional Italian liqueurs such as genziana, limoncello, nocino, and ratafia are made in house.

Our food and cooking experience begins with a love of the land, using no chemicals or artificial fertilisers but only organic principles and hard work to grow our produce, to make it meaningful and satisfying.

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