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Meet Leonardo

Chef & Owner of Visconti Kitchen

Born in San Demetrio ne’ Vestini, L’Aquila, Leonardo Visconti comes from a family steeped in the culture of Abruzzo. His passion for food and cooking began in childhood when his parents taught him the principles of organic farming, foraging for mushrooms and wild vegetables, truffle hunting, and growing saffron. Over the years, his connection to local ingredients continued to develop as he began making traditional liqueurs, wine, jams, and preserves.

For Leonardo, food is art, and his talent as a painter undoubtedly influences him in the kitchen. A fourth-generation fresco painter, he graduated from the Institute of Art and went on to join the family studio run by his father Arturo, where he worked for over twenty-seven years. Whether he is cooking pizza in the outdoor oven or riding his bicycle through the valley, the region’s beauty is a part of Leonardo’s everyday life and it is no surprise to find it on the plate.

A love and appreciation of family traditions is at the heart of Visconti Kitchen. Leonardo built the restaurant from the ground up, and it quickly evolved into one of the most well known and respected dining options in the region. With the Visconti Cooking Experience, Leonardo shares the traditions that inspire him and reconnects people with the land where their food comes from, to re-create an authentic taste of Abruzzo.

+39 328 1511 491 Address: Via Scura 67028 San Demetrio ne' Vestini, (AQ) Italy Email: info@visconti-group.com

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